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Open-mouth automatic bagging machines
Form fill seal bagging machines
Bag palletisers
Big Bag filling


Elocom is a pioneer in bagging and palletizing techniques in Spain and one of the main ones in Europe.

Open mouth bagging machines

The most advanced outcome of bagging technological evolution, fulfilling all needs of granulated and powder solids in open-mouth bags.

Form fill seal bagging machines

Originally developed in external working environments, the ELOCOM laminated-sheet sack packers now specially target such sectors as the mining, chemical, substrate, biomass industries…

Tubular reel bagging machines

Baggers suitable for granule or free flowing powder products such as sugar, salt, fertilizers, cereals, plastic granules…

BigBag filling

Elocom has developed all types of Big Bag fillers, from the simplest to the fully automatic. Possibility of working with Big Bags with one to four handles and with different types of internal bags.

Pallets protection

Wrapper system with pallet and coil turner. Stretch hood machines from tubular roll of stretch film.



Layered bag palletizers, by high and low, getting to give the best palletizing quality.


Since inception, we have focused on quality of service and customer satisfaction. We offer worldwide engineering project management for our customers including integrated services in operations, training, information systems, and consulting.

Looking forward the challenges of the future

Elocom is a pioneer in product packaging and palletizing techniques in Spain and is one of the principal companies in Europe.

Commitment to quality

We guarantee that our customers production processes are optimal for each requirement.

The Elocom team

Elocom relies on its young, dynamic and motivated team with significant experience in the sector.

Tailored solutions

Elocom studies, plans and develops all processes, providing a specific solution to each sector.




Sectors, Wood pellet bagging, sawdust, salt, sugar, flours, seeds, petfood, sand, gravel, silica, fertilizers, detergents, enamels, sludge, slurry, peats…
Fertilizers, Chemical and salt
Animal Feed
Chemical Products
Gardering and Compost